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Pannaikom District, Sakon Nakon Province

Sakon Nakon's Indigo-Dyed Cotton

bySookchit Daengjai

Ms Sookchit Daengjai believes that true art shouldn't just be hung on the wall, but also have practical worth for contemporary lives − this is why she dedicates her life to the craft of indigo-dyed cotton.

Sakon Nakon's indigo-dyed cotton is an environment-friendly work of art, which means every part of the production process is natural. The distinctive feature of the fabric is the 3D pattern that creates different textures. These patterns are derived from the architectural principle of creating designs from arithmetic to modern figures.

Mae Wang District, Chiang Mai Province

Filiki Ornaments

byAngkan Uppanun, maker of Filiki jewellery

Filiki jewellery are Mr Angkan's modern take on his parents' silverwork. Although he updates the designs to serve more contemporary tastes, traditional techniques such as cutting, drawing, and painting to create terrific, real-life 3D patterns are retained.

Panasnikom District, Chonburi Province

Bamboo Wickerware

byKomkrit Borriboon

Komkrit's bamboo wickerware is a unique and modern take on the traditional handicraft without losing its traditional designs.

Mr. Komkrit sees each work as delicate and beautiful, made especially by people who are happy and who care about the art. His efforts to conserve Thai wickerworks despite the challenges in the local trade has led him to realize the potential of expanding to the foreign market.

Raman District, Yala Province

Raman Dagger

bySulfaka Atabu, maker of Raman daggers

Mr Sulfaka inherited the craft of forging Raman daggers from family, with the exhortation to preserve the techniques of the craft to the next generation.

Raman dagger is a traditional weapon that also serves as a symbol of masculinity, social status, and political ranking. The wood is carved with intricate patterns and finished and polished using its natural color.

Na-Wah District, Nakhon Panom Province

Papyrus Mat

byPatchara Nanpiwongse, papyrus mat maker

Mr Patchara is concerned that his craft will die out one day. For him, the only way to keep this beautiful art alive is to develop it so as to meet the demands of the modern marketplace.

Papyrus mats from Na-Wah district are unique and loved by customers because of their their distinct white color, tender texture, and effectiveness as a cooling mat. There's also a wide range of delicately crafted varieties to choose from.

Mueng District, Nakon Si Thammart Province

Lygodium Craft

byNaparat Tongsapee

Lygodium art is a famous craft from the south of Thailand, especially from Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. This handicraft is based on rattan palm structure and requires a skilled, dedicated, and patient craftsman to create the perfectly and intricately handwoven designs. The smaller threads of lygodium are used to weave the more delicate patterns.



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