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About Us

About OneNow

We wanted to build a different kind of platform − one that opens borders and connects buyers directly to the sellers. One that showcases the skills and creativity of Thailand to the world by gathering the country's valued goods and crafts, sourced from the biggest brands to most remote villages. One where there are no middlemen or outrageous mark-ups, because this is as direct to the source as it gets. One where language doesn't get in the way because, with our on-site translator, you can communicate with the sellers directly.

What you'll find on board are world-renowned Thai brands, independent sellers, master artisans, and third-generation craftsmen.

The platform does the heavy lifting of resolving complex international clearance, setting standards for sellers' performance, and dispute resolutions to ensure that your connection with the source will surpass your expectations.

Now, you can find more products at better prices by going directly to the seller.

Now, the sellers that were previously excluded can actively participate in the e-commerce world.

And we're delighted that you're helping in making the world more connected.

Our Story

Our Story

OneNow is a platform developed by comGateway, a leading global industry e-commerce solutions company since 2005. The platform is built on the extensive experience of comGateway in fulfilling B2C orders from its customers in more than 150 countries. OneNow benefits from more than 10 years of track record in order processing, fraud screening, management of cross-border logistics, and multi-language customer servicing.

For its Thailand project, OneNow is partnering with DHL and SACICT (SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand).

OneNow aims to connect Thailand’s artisans and craftsmen, established brands and independent sellers to global e-consumers.

For this project, we are partnering SACICT and Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce’s trade agency, DITP. Our logistics partner is DHL, a globally recognized leader in cross-border logistics.

OneNow is powered by Platform One, a subsidiary of comGateway Thailand.

The project's objective is to connect Thailand's artisans and craftsmen, established brands, and independents sellers to the e-consumers globally.


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